This is were you will find our children ages 6 weeks- 14 months. The baby's spend most of their time exploring. Our teachers are trained to give your babies extra tender love and care. As the babies develop, they will start to make crafts.



Here you can find our 15-24 month old children. They are starting to use self help skills such as; feeding themselves, coloring, painting and throwing their trash away. In this room they will start to participate in circle time. during circle time they will be read books, dance, sing songs, among other things.

little school.jpg

Little Schoolers

This is where you can find our 2 and 3 year old children. They love exploring, learning and making crafts. In this room we have circle time. During circle time the class will enjoy stories, count numbers, and learn basic shapes. The crafts will be more complex then the Wobblers and involve gluing, painting, and coloring.


Here you can find our 3-5 year old children. They love to learn new things such as ABC's and 123's. Circle time involves; reading books, singing songs, calendar time, and weather education. They learn more complex Shapes, and Colors, They learn to write their names, and cut.  Our preschoolers do several activities a day. These children are able to do more complex crafts with little help. They are starting to spell and use fine motor skills.



Here we provide after school and summer care for children ages 5-12. After school children will have time for homework and social time. During the summer the school agers take small trips to the city park, library and swimming pool. During the summer school agers will also have circle time and do activities.